Sunday, March 12, 2006


Confusion Over Small Format Video

From Venal Scene:
I know that we can download movies on to our cellphones/iPods...but who are these people who want to? Do they actually enjoy watching content on a screen the size of a Grinch's heart? Tell me, you downloading-movie-to-cellphone people, why is squinting pleasurable?
Driven by the audience's desire to access what they want, where they want, when they want, the rise of the portable video device is a good thing for us makers of theatre/film/video/entertainment.

NBC has made over six million from having their shows on iTunesicon for only a few months. 'What do we care about NBC's bottom line' you say. They pay writers and actors.

If video on small portable screens means it's easier for me to pay my rent, I'm all for it. Even if I weren't, the consumer of our work is, so will us or nil us, this is a direction things are going for the immediate future. Worry not: Radio was not killed by the Television, and Theatrical Movies were not killed by the video tape.

The average American now spends more on Entertainment (including equipment) than they do food. All of this makes it easier to find a way to get our work to the audience. That makes it easier to pay for our food, rent, doctor and life. That makes it easier to do the kind of work we want to do. That is good. Part one of the Small Format and Online Video series of posts:
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I said this over there, but I'll say it over here...

I'm not arguing that the demand for content isn't an economic boon to those who make it. I'm arguing that the format seems unsuited for movies. It's so damn small.

I think that this medium, in its infancy, is doing what movies did in its infancy -- that is, imitate the older medium of theatre. If this medium is to be successful, I don't think that creating little movies and TV programs will be what does it. It might be something else, more akin to radio...not sure. But I do know that staring at one of those things gives me a headache, and the sight of endless swaths of people glued to them is odd.

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