Monday, October 27, 2008


How to Stump Your Headshot Photographer

This is a guest post by Michelle Kaffko, filmmaker and Chicago based headshot photographer.

If you're thinking about getting new headshots (or headshots for the first time), the lists of photographers out there willing to snap your photo if you open your wallet nice and wide can be a bit overwhelming. Keep these things in mind when calling or emailing a photographer about booking a session:

  1. You are hiring this person to take your photo- they should be willing to listen to your concerns that "your nose looks weird from that angle" and adjust the photo accordingly. Tell them what you want, find out what they can do, and work together to take some natural, flattering photos.
  2. A good photographer should be able to make recommendations on wardrobe, background, lighting, and experiment or adjust these things during the session. Ask the photographer what kind of backgrounds they have and how they will choose one for you.
  3. Look at samples of their work: their headshots should look different from one another to prove that they can capture each individual's best qualities.
  4. Ask the photographer if he or she can make a package or adjust prices based on what you want if you don't like their packages or want something different.
  5. Make sure you have the option to go through the photographer for prints, or to take the images somewhere else to have them printed.

Also remember that you are working with a creative person-tell them what you expect out of the session, but if you like the photographer's portfolio give them some freedom to experiment with your posing and let them lead you. Communication is key. Only go to a photographer you can get along with and have fun with during the session. The best photos come out of a photo session that is remembered as a fun time instead of something like a trip to the dentist.



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