Friday, April 27, 2012


Ad: Travelers Haven

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Film and TV projects last longer than a few days, and so do stage plays. Often the producer provides the housing, but if you're non-union, you may be on your own. Sublets are complex and sometimes annoying, and you have to do all the leg work yourself. Enter Travelers Haven, who asked me to write about their service. They just opened a Chicago division. They describe it as giving " owners with vacant properties a chance to earn money while also giving travelers a chance to rent furnished housing instead of using hotels during their stays."

So no living out of a suitcase in a hotel. You'd actually get a place that is like your own, but without that pesky need to buy furniture, linens, set up utilities or have a long term lease, mortgage, or other silliness. Since they aim to serve both luxury and economy travelers, this may work for both higher end options (like the Goodman) and for the non-union gig someone is coming into Chicago for and wants to spend less than a hotel or sublet would cost. If I had a multi-week or multi-month gig in town, and were left to fend for myself for my long term housing, I'd look at this seriously. If you or someone you know is a project's producer and needs to put up various people in town for extended stays, this may make the accountant smile. Not living out of a hotel room may actually put your people more at ease, and that often comes across the footlights and lenses.

Finally, if your living in Chicago, and get a long term gig out of town, you don't need to turn into an ad hoc landlord. Travelers Haven can help you make some money on your place, and take care of the details so you don't have to. Way better than vetting randoms off Craigslist. On both sides, whether visiting Chicago, or leaving Chicago for a long time, this can mean less expensive long term accommodations for the visitor, and help fill the hole in your housing budget for the Chicagoan traveling.

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Sunday, April 08, 2012


MTV Series Starts Shooting in Chicago This Month

Underemployed, MTV's forthcoming series about five recent college grads struggling to make their way in this mixed-up world, is set to film its first season in Chicago starting this in mid-April

(from A.V. Club Chicago). Extras, background and stand-ins will be cast by ExtraOrdinary Casting.

Update June 12, 2012: Paskal Rudnicke Casting is local casting for principles.