Monday, July 09, 2012


Where to Find Auditions in Chicago

Last month I was asked where one finds auditions in Chicago, and here is a partial list:

my Chicago theatre/film email list. While is has become a much lower traffic list then it once was, it does occasionally get messages that are about auditions for paying acting jobs (I try not to have it post audition notices for unpaid gigs).
once probably the largest audition listings in Chicago, now seems inactive after stopping printing on paper in 2009, and changing owners in the last couple years. Was almost comparable to the audition listings in Backstage for New York and LA
listed auditions online and also had audition listings in paper edition
actors usually get auditions for the highest paying acting jobs through their agent or manager
SAG-AFTRA has a list of agents on the Screen Actors Guild's old site which I imagine they will eventually more to the site
Talent Managers Association may be a resource to learn more about managers, and imdb pro is a way to look into who currently may be represented by whom
While this may be more used in LA and New York, it does list Chicago and Midwestern auditions
if you get a showfax account, you can submit to as many auditions as you want without paying for each submission
Chicago Reader
lists auditions online and also available in paper edition
years ago I found their audition listings sparse and often for community theatre
Friends and Colleagues
other actors, directors, producers and people you've worked with may also contact you for auditions, though this may not happen immediately, or at all

There are other place to find auditions, but this is a start. Remember in all cases to look out for yourself and do due diligence on the organizations and people you will be auditioning for or working with; caveat actor. Break a leg!

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Do you know agency/agent which specialize on International actors? I am Russian actress and voiceover talent, and would like to find an agent. Would appreciate your advice a lot!
@Kristina, Chicago agencies don't typically specialize in international actors, and if any agencies in the US did, they'd likely be in New York or LA. Are you based in Chicago?
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