Thursday, February 02, 2006


The Second City and Steppenwolf Theatre Company Collaborate

For the first time ever, The Second City and Steppenwolf Theatre Company will be collaborating on a production.
Second City Theatricals will be presenting The Pajama Men at the Steppenwolf Garage Theatre beginning March 2nd, 2006.
The Pajama Men are an amazing comic duo that won the 2005 Dubble Act Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
We have an unusual promotion in mind and are looking for people interested in helping us promote the show.
First, we are looking for four people to pass out fliers during the morning and evening rush hours on the Chicago El system on Wednesday March 1 and Thursday March 2nd. We would pay $100.00 a day to each person. They would need to wear their pajamas while handing out the fliers (pajamas could be worn over some clothes to keep warm).
On Friday March 3rd, we would like to get as many people as possible to also don their pajamas to work the morning and evening rush hours on the El. This group would hand out fliers – and also award Pajama Grams to anyone who promises to come to the show. We have 10 of these to pass out. After the evening rush hour, we would invite everyone to a Pajama party at a bar in the Steppenwolf/Second City neighborhood (bar to be determined) – the first round is on us. Also, anyone agreeing to do this stunt will also get a free private showing of The Pajama Men show.
They are truly and inspiring and incredible comic duo and we want to make sure they get the notice they deserve.
If you are interested in either day's work, please e-mail Maggie Kazmierowski at Thanks.
Kelly Leonard
President, Second City Theatricals

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