Saturday, January 28, 2006


Jim Zulevic Died Ealier this Month

Mr. Zulevic, 40, who parlayed his huge success at Second City into a broad career in comedy of all stripes, died Saturday in Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago. According to Dan Falato, the producer of the Second City Radio Show on WCKG-FM, Mr. Zulevic collapsed and was rushed to hospital Saturday, just before he was scheduled to come to the studio and host his weekly show. No cause of death was released as of Sunday night
(from Chicago Tribune). I had him as a teacher once, and saw his work on stage and screen; he was talented at both, and I enjoyed all of his work.

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News travels slow in the South. It's Feb. 16, and just today I learned of the passing of Jim Zulevic. I'm shocked. Really shocked. I used to play piano for Second City, and the very first touring gig I ever had was with the 1992 BlueCo ensemble with Jim, Matt Dwyer, Jenna Jolovitz, Charlie Hartsock, Peter Murrieta and Jill Sheely. I liked Jim immediately and ALWAYS loved working with him. He had a keen mind, a caustic wit and an ease about him that was magnetic. Having a beer with Jim Zulevic was an honor. No, more than that: a privilege. In the summer of 2003, I traveled out to LA to visit my brother, also an improv actor. We headed over to IO West and who did I see upon entering, sitting at the bar with Tom Gianas? Zulevic. Amazing. Even LA couldn't change him. I hadn't seen him in nearly 9 years. He was still Jim. His death makes no sense to me. When young people die like that, with all that talent and brains, there is no way to be reconciled to the reality. Unfair, God! Unfair!!!

In loving memory of Jim Zulevic, I had an extra beer tonight at my favorite Nashville watering hole. I was alone, but he was with me in spirit.

Martin Brady
Beautiful words, absolutely. Young death never makes sense, if death ever does.
Four years ago this month Jim Zulevic died. I had never had the privilege of knowing Jim, however I auditioned for GayCo yesterday and have a callback with them today. I went to the website and here is a tribute to Jim on there. So I read his Wikipedia profile and read various things people said about him. I was in tears. What a sad tragedy. This guy had it all and better yet, deserved it. He was kind, funny and from I can tell one hell of a friend. RIP Jim, I hope you're enjoying life on the other side.
Stace Crawley
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