Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Chicago Extra Casting Agencies

This list of casting offices that find/hire background actors may not be accurate or up to date. I know at a minimum that Ambassador Talent Agents and Joan Philo Casting both did at one time do extras casting, though the contact details on the Illinois Film Office web site may not be correct. Caveat actor.

2011 update: Recently ExtraOrdinary Casting and Joan Philo Casting have been doing background casting on a lot of the TV and film shooting in Chicago. Please tell them you heard about them from David August, thanks.


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EXTRAordinary Casting did extras for Prison Break, and I believe they're going to try to nab one of the pilots that are coming to Chicago. (Ambassador is doing "The Enemy;" I don't know if that was the pilot they were trying to cast?)

If you get an up-to-date, accurate list, let me know so that I may add it to/modify what I have at www.ChicagoTalents.net.

Thanks! admin@chicagotalents.net
Lauren creeps me out, lol
Joan Philo Casting does most of the big feature films in Chicago. I've done a few films with her. She is really funny and sweet.
I know there is another guy in Chicago, John something but I forget his last name. He is kind of a jerk though. Has a pretty bad reputation. Good luck everyone!
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