Saturday, June 16, 2007


Thank You Notes

I've bought some nice cards with my name on them to use for some of my thank you notes instead of photo postcards. Everyone uses photo postcards for everything, and I figure a real note on real stationary is more personal. I'll have my picture on the mailing lable on the evelope, and a card (with my name in raised lettering) the inside. I bought mine from (affiliate link) they're less than five cents each (including the envelope), plus a little for shipping. I'm very happy with their work; I recommend them. I also would recommend trying not to use the UPS option of shipping; UPS can't find my house all the time, which is odd since it's always in the same place.


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I think that's a great idea! I'm so sick (and I am sure the CDs are too) of everything having this impersonal hard sale about connecting with industry. These people want to be treated with more respect than an advertisement of yourself.

For updates, yes, a photo postcard. For thank you notes, personalization will go a long way.
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