Friday, May 18, 2007


Soliloquy Closed: Rumor No More

In July I reported that Chicago's theatre bookstore Soliloquy might close, and their phone is disconnected, their web site is down and I fear Chicago is without a theatre bookstore. The December 8th PerformInk said:
Soliloquy, the theatre bookstore, has closed without warning. PerformInk received reports around Thanksgiving that telephone calls to Soliloquy were answered by a phone company recording saying the number was disconnected, and that no further information was available. So on Nov. 28 we stopped by the store at 1726 W. Belmont and found it dark and completely empty, neither book nor fixture left inside. Save for the name on the door, you wouldn’t know it had been Soliloquy. We’d love to know what happened, and whether or not Soliloquy might reopen elsewhere.
I'm late in confirming the rumored closing. In my July post I mentioned past Chicago theatre bookstores, and now it seems Chicago is without one. If you have any more info about Soliloquy, or another Chicago theatre bookstore, please leave a comment.


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