Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Leaving Chicago

A friend asked about how to pursue acting, and specifically asked, among other things, about going to LA. This is what I wrote:
I'd say some things depend, as with all things in life, on what one wants to accomplish. Chicago, like a great many other markets, is a great place to start out. Chicago costs less to live in than LA or NYC, and it's the capital of Improv on earth. However... the prestigious theatres, commercials and industrials are the meat and potatoes of making a living as an actor in Chicago. If that's what one seeks, Chicago can be the place an actor spends their entire career. However, if film/TV or Broadway are the actor's goals, Chicago is a challenge simply because there is not the volume of this kind of work there is in LA and NYC respectively. Not impossible, but a challenge.
Anyone have any other thoughts? Leave a comment.


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