Saturday, September 02, 2006


Second City 'The Improv Jelly'

A chance to do improv without taking a class or being in a show.
Saturdays at midnight, through October 7th
The Second City Training Center's late night improv jam, "The Improv Jelly", is back for another 8 week run. The Jelly is a great chance for all improv students or non improv students to get up on stage and hone their skills. The show consists of numerous improvisation games and scenes that help any and all use their tools they know and a chance to learn new ones. There is even a nightly sign up list to make sure all who want to participate get equal stage time. Come and check it out with family, friends and classmates!
The Improv Jelly. Saturdays at Midnight through October 7th.
Tickets are $5, $3 dollars for Training Center students with I.D.
The times I've gone in the past were fun.

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