Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Rumor: Soliloquy May Close

I've heard an unconfirmed rumor that Soliloquy bookstore may close. Act-One bookstore, Soliloquy's predecessor, closed a couple years ago, and in the late nineties Chicago had two theatre bookstores, Act-One and Scenes (which was also a coffee shop). If Soliloquy closes, it could leave Chicago without a theatre bookstore. But keep in mind, this is just rumor at this point.

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This seems to be a scary trend in america in general. What are people thinking?

I'm not sure what trend you are referring to in your comment. I think theatre bookstores in other cities (e.g., NYC, LA) are doing quite well.
It would definitely be a scary trend in Chicago - I hope it's not true. Soliloquy is, as Act One was, a lot more than a bookstore, and it'd be a tough resource for Chicago artists to lose.
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