Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Shubert (now LaSalle) Theatre Exquisitely Restored

The Shubert, which closed for the renovation in January 2005, never fell as far as the Oriental Theatre or the Cadillac Palace, the two other downtown theaters to be restored to their former glory in this past, extraordinarily resuscitative decade for Loop venues. And even with its plush new seats (with added legroom) and its new, sparkling coats of paint, the place still lacks the flashy baroque charm of the Oriental, or the Versailles-inspired grandeur of the Cadillac Palace. This place looks like a grand old theater, not a fantastical palace.
But for longtime Shubert attendees, the newly glorious auditorium will be a jaw-dropper. Over the years, the finer details had become obscured. Relighted and freshly and exquisitely painted in a rich, dark red-and-gold theatrical palette, the moldings, leafing and other decorative elements that had been present for 100 years now pop with astonishing new vivacity. All of the incredible detail had been painted over in that beige and brown, says George Halik, principal in the architectural firm of Booth Hansen, who did the restoration. Now people will finally be able to see it
(from Chicago Tribune).


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