Monday, May 08, 2006


Warner Bros. Domestic TV Embraces Small Format/Online Video

When the reps at Warner Bros. Domestic TV Syndication bring out Two and Half Men this week for the Fall 2007 season, they'll be selling both the small screen off-net rights and the internet rights. In addition to the standard TV rights, stations who pick up the show will be able to stream episodes on their websites 5x week, after their initial airing of the episode on television. Stations will also have local inventory in the webisodes. As for the future cable network who picks up the series, probably for the 2010 season, it too will have the same internet rights as local stations. WBDTD will retain the rights to sell episode downloads of the series via iTunes or other internet 'stores', and will also do what it can to prevent the unlicensed streaming of the show on non-licensed sites
(from Cynopsis). Part five of the Small Format and Online Video series of posts:
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