Thursday, September 15, 2005

In Light of Hurricane Katrina, Redmoon Reworks Their Flood-Related Show:
The show is scheduled to run from Sept. 15 through 25, and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina the Redmoon troupe has scurried to overhaul the entire production: rewriting the storyline, rescoring the music and redesigning the costumes, all to make the show more palatable to audiences still coping with the catastrophe
(from The New York Times).

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Palatable. Psssh. I hate when people do things like that. USE the power. The fact that there has been a disaster doesn't suddenly make most people averse to seeing a disaster. Maybe the crazy people, but you can't pander to them. If any kind of rewriting should be considered it might be just to include references that say something about the recent disaster somehow. But anyway, nice blog! If I was anywhere near Chicago, it'd be very useful!
Thank you for your compliments! Thank you for your thoughts (by the way, the 'palatable' description is a quote from The New York Times; I can neither take credit nor blame for it).
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