Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Seth Godin has a post on his blog referring to another blog's post about how an obscure album started to really sell. The song, called Dragostea Din Tei, has started to drive CD sales after people half a world away from the musicians (O-Zone) synced it to some flash animation.

I'm sort of thinking out loud, but I have the hunch that this kind of worldwide digital-remixing/reperforming (combined with the Long-Tail phenomena) could continue change the world of media. I doubt it will replace media's traditional forms, but may open other channels for media products to reach the audience. As actors, this change in how media moves from creators to consumers may affect us and our incomes (e.g., allows us to self-distribute in ways that were not before possible). Then again, I'm just thinking out loud.

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