Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Some theatres turn to eBay to supplement income:
Arena Stage auctioned off a silk kimono from "M. Butterfly" on eBay last week for $637.76. It also unloaded two hand-carved thrones from "Camelot," getting $152.50 for the pair.
It has grown to be an important source of funds, turning in-kind contributions to cash, says Shayna Englin of Mindshare Interactive Campaigns, a Washington organization that advises Arena, Signature and others on how to tackle the new fields in fundraising.
Though there are modest start-up costs and slim returns so far, compared with the organizations' needs, the beneficiaries are pleased. They are reaching people in all corners of the world, people who don't have to get dressed and be fed at a cocktail party
(from The Washington Post). I don't know of any Chicago area theatre that has done online auctioning of props and costumes.

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