Monday, November 29, 2004

Which Media Conglomerate Won the First Week of November Sweeps:
The easy winner, predictably, was Viacom, owner of CBS and UPN as well as the MTV cable networks. But other high finishers, like Time Warner and Liberty Media, may be names that television viewers don't normally think of while cruising channels.
  1. Viacom (29,762,000)
  2. Walt Disney Company (18,656,000)
  3. General Electric (17,750,000)
  4. Time Warner (12,120,000)
  5. News Corporation (10,752,000)
  6. Liberty Media (4,144,000)
  7. E. W. Scripps (1,705,000)
  8. Hearst (1,422,000)
  9. Cablevision (1,297,000)
(from The New York Times). You can learn more about which major media companies owns what at Columbia Journalism Review's Who Owns What site (e.g., it says that Disney has a partial interest in Sid R. Bass, a crude petroleum and natural gas production company, which is unexpected).

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