Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A somewhat amusing forward from an actor friend who now lives in LA:
You live in Chicago when:
  1. You think parking is good if it only takes 45 minutes to find a spot within 4 blocks of your house.
  2. You chose your apartment based on its proximity to public transportation.
  3. You think paying $3.50 for a glass of Miller Lite is perfectly acceptable.
  4. Every year another building in your neighborhood gets “rehabbed” into luxury condos.
  5. You have a collection of parking tickets you’re not worried about.
  6. You’re not afraid to ride in a taxi.
  7. You wear gym shoes with your work clothes.
  8. You have ever parked your car by tapping the cars in front and back of you to fit into a spot.
  9. The four seasons have become so confusing you have ceased to define them by name.
  10. You know someone who has off on Casmir Pulaski Day.

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