Tuesday, March 27, 2007


School Disinvites Comedy Troupe

The Comic Thread performed at Highland Park High School's Focus on the Arts 2001, 2003, and 2005. In December they were invited to perform again this year. The Tribune's March 19th article in part says:
Highland Park High School officials who fear that a sketch comedy troupe's material is not appropriate for students have rescinded an invitation for the group to perform during a three-day arts festival in April.
Earlier this month, administrators of the same school district defended accusations that Deerfield High School was promoting a homosexual agenda by allowing gay students to speak about their experiences during mandatory freshman advisory classes. The Highland Park and Deerfield campuses comprise Township High School District 113, which was criticized by a group affiliated with the Illinois Family Institute in a one-page newspaper advertisement.
There's a heightened sensitivity that's infecting Focus on the Arts, which classically has always been a very open environment, said DeGrazia, 28, a 1997 Highland Park graduate [and director of The Comic Thread] who said he was disappointed that he could not participate in an event he had cherished while in school.
School officials said concerns about The Comic Thread were unrelated to the Deerfield controversy
(from Chicago Tribune).

Update April 9: There is now an online statement of protest about this censorship that you can sign (even sign anonymously if you choose).


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