Thursday, July 22, 2004

A letter I just wrote my congressman:
Dear Representative Davis,
I have just read, in an Associated Press article, about the "Family Movie Act;" please kill this bill. The article I read quotes Representative Lamar Smith, from Texas, saying "'[p]arents should have a right to show any movie they want and skip or mute any content they find objectionable;'" please point out to Representative Smith, and all of your colleagues, that such technology already exists in two forms on every DVD player: these two forms are the skip button, and the mute button respectively. The automation of either process undermines not only the work of the artists and technicians who create films for a living, but also the basis of all copyright and intellectual property law.
I am an actor and writer, and this bill must never become law.
Thank you,
David Lawrence
Write your representative to voice your view.

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