Friday, June 25, 2004

Some British say America's liveliest theatre is in Chicago:
New York's stages are in a slump. Now all America's liveliest drama is in Chicago.
Since the late 1960s, when the Off-Loop theatre movement - defined by the city's elevated railway - got under way, Chicago theatre has witnessed an astonishing boom. Today its reputation is bound up with a handful of iconic names: David Mamet, John Malkovich, the Steppenwolf Company and Second City revue, which spawned Mike Nichols, Elaine May, John Belushi and Bill Murray. No fewer than 156 theatre companies, predominantly non-profit, operate in the city. And while New York, with its suffocating commercialism, seems increasingly hidebound, it is to Chicago that the true theatregoer now avidly looks?
(from Guardian Unlimited). This sort of echos something I posted last month: Some Canadians say theatre saved Chicago.

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