Monday, November 10, 2003

Not really an acting opportunity per se, but interesting:
Renowned comedy publisher National Lampoon recently acquired Lorne Michaels' Burly Bear Network to create National Lampoon Networks. We are producing a new program with a working title of 'National Lampoon's Comedic Film Academy.' The program features the comedic short films, stand-up and sketch comedy from the best up and coming writer, comedians and directors.
We would like to extend an invitiation to all to submit your films, skecthes and/or stand-up acts. Short films may be 30-seconds to 8-minutes in length. Films can be of any nature (animation, film, digital, etc) as long as they have a comedic sensibility. We are happy to view your films on Beta, BetaSP or miniDV (prefered).
Send your submission to:
National Lampoon Networks
ATTN: J. Healey
254 W. 54th St., 8th Floor
New York, NY 10019
We do NOT accept walk-ins and drop-offs. Should your film be selected, we will contact you. The program reaches 5-millions homes. This is a terrific exposure opportunity for your film, act or ideas.
This is all I know about this, caveat actor.

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